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both ends to signify readiness. Badge OF honor : a euphemism for a combat wound, or the scar resulting from such a wound, by extension of any meritorious award or valorous decoration; often sardonically excused by the humble disclaimer: "If it weren't for the honor of the thing, I'd just. BAD attitude : exhibiting a selfish What's in it for me? Bayonet LUG : (aka: mounting lug) see LUG, muzzle-ring, bayonet. See bulletin, heads-UP, poop, dope, piping HOT, pipe down, tocsin, tannoy, horn, beaters 'n' bleaters, tooter. Also, informal reference to the mascot of the.S. Break brush : to travel or maneuver off of paths and byways so as to avoid booby-traps and mines; also called "break trail". Boatlift : the transport of persons and/or cargo by ship, boat, or other vessels, especially during an emergency; compare airlift. Barbette : a platform or mound of earth in a fortification, from which guns may be fired over the parapet; also called "gun mount "firing pit "gun pit or emplacement; see arty, mortar. See guppy, ASW, slbm. See HIC, pyhooya, smoke 'n' mirrors, mushroom, compartmentalization. Butterfly trigger : an actuating tongue or lever, as positioned at the rear of a heavy belt-fed machinegun, between the control handles, which can be operated by either or both thumbs; also called "thumb trigger see heavy MG, hair-trigger, creep, trigger.

A bear BY THE tooth : see head IN THE lion'S mouth. See garden OF stones, boneyard, "long home" at long house, national cemetery, funeral pace, pallbearer, catafalque, davy jones'S locker, mortuary affairs, graves registration; compare laid BY THE wall.

Also, nickname of the gull-winged, propeller-driven Vought F4U Corsair fighter airplane. Blue nose : a ship that has crossed the Arctic Circle (at.5 north latitude, between the North Frigid Zone and the North Temperate Zone so-called from painting the hawsepipes blue, as being representative of the cold; the ship's company of such a voyage may. A corporation of the best, of the bravest" in his "Chartism". See blivet, jerry CAN, donkey dick, petrol, juice, HOT-fueling, TOP-OFF; compare POD, water buffalo, lister BAG. V: fetter, chain, leggings, hobble, gyve, bilboes bradley : the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (M-2) and the Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (M-3 introduced to inventory in 1981 with the mission to transport and reinforce dismounted infantry squads, engage lightly armored vehicles and semi-hard fortifications, and. Bird DOG : the Piper L-4 / l-5 or Cessna L-19 / O-1, being a light, propeller-driven, single-engine, high fixed-wing, two-seat monoplane used by USA/usaf/usmc for liaison, observation, and forward air control (FAC) missions; see grasshopper, firefly. See blanket head, green beret, headgear, short-timer PIN. During any pinning ceremony, whether graduation or promotion, the newly acquired insignia (badge or rank) would be lightly punched tagged by the presenter after attachment to the recipient's uniform, and subsequently "tagged" by all friends and associates during the following graduation or promotion party. Bomb-proof / bombproof : a relatively safe or secure job in a protected area; see remf, homesteader, milicrat, bean-counter, puke, clerks 'n' jerks, acetate commando, chairborne, tocroach, TAP-dancer.